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Ethics: 50 Shades of Gray

Massage therapists will have the opportunity to learn how to effectively handle complex situations that are relevant to the massage therapy field. Topics to be covered include:​

  • How to Establish and Maintain Professional Boundaries

  • Personal vs. Professional Ethics

  • Power Differentials

  • How to Establish and Maintain Professional Boundaries

  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

  • Sexual Boundaries and Abuse

  • Prevention of Sexual Abuse in the Workplace

  • Transference / Counter-Transference

Essential Oils with Purpose

Course coming soon.  We will be using natural remedies to address the following ailments.  


Ususally characterized by joint pain, stifness, and debilitating loss of range of motion.


Person often feels nervousness, powerless, or worried.

Back Pain

Often ranges from mild to severe.


Often begin in the lower back and radiates down back side of the legs.

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